Gorjuss Puddles Of Love Travel Card Holder

Gorjuss Puddles Of Love Travel Card Holder
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Gorjuss Puddles Of Love Travel Card Holder
Gorjuss Puddles Of Love Travel Card Holder
Gorjuss Puddles Of Love Travel Card Holder
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Model: GORJUSS-246EC02

Brand new and totally Gorjuss™ travel card holder featuring the highly adored Puddles of Love design. New for Spring / Summer 2012.  Now you can take a little bit of Gorjuss-ness with you wherever you travel.

Please note - Watermarks are present only on product photography and not on actual items.  They are intended to protect the unique and amazing designs produced by artists under license to Santoro London.


  • Beautiful and Gorjuss™ Puddles of Love front and reverse design
  • Two windowed pockets large enough to accept credit cards and travel cards


  • Leather-effect PU


  • Size (closed) - W10.25 x H7.5 x D1 cm
  • Size (open) - W20.9 x H7.5 x D0.5 cm
  • Weight - 38g


Subtle tones and seasonal prints combined with unique designs and contrasting materials, have helped Gorjuss™ to achieve cult like status with both adults and teenagers the world over.  You can now find many popular styles like Ruby, Puddles of Love, Family in a book and The Last Rose on everything from Bags to Notebooks and Pocket tissues to Purses.


About Suzanne Woolcott (the artist)

'I was born in 1977 and live and work in Glasgow, Scotland. I've worked as a full time artist for a few years now, and I've exhibited in many galleries all over England and the USA.

I was always a big fan of portraits and the scope of what can be captured in a moment, the stillness of the figure, the stare looking out at you, the placement of objects around the subject, everything is there for a reason, to accentuate the meaning behind the portrait.  I would always rather hang a portrait on my wall than a nice landscape !

I am married, and have three children, and a charismatic cat.'


About The Art (by Suzanne Woolcott)

My art is a deep expression of a somewhat lost childhood innocence in all of us. It resembles a need to find reason in what we see, it challenges our thoughts of comfort, safety and social acceptance, it challenges our preconceived ideas of childhood. It touches on the taboos of bringing children and death closer than is normally comfortable and evokes a sense of overwhelming calmness, and perhaps contempt to the viewer.

Abandonment features heavily, the sense of loss and longing. And of being alone in the world.

The sheer stillness of my girls poses are accentuated with the movement around them, in their flowing hair or landscapes. Offering what seems like just a brief moment of their world, catching a glimpse of their lives and their emotions.

The girls featureless faces force the surrounding paintings into describing the scene for the viewer. Their faces lack of form are more childlike (and almost foetus like) and the lack of emotion is tinged with powerful wounded messages of grief tinged with hope.


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