Chemical Rock - A Commodore C64 Sid Album by Paul Kubiszyn

Chemical Rock C64 Sid Album - Free MP3 Downloads

StudioX64 are very proud to present "The Definitive Sid-8580 Collection" by Paul Kubiszyn. This free MP3 download features 72 minutes, and 26 tracks of "classic" SiD tunes composed by the 6581/8580 musician Paul Kubiszyn (of XLCUS fame). It spans the whole reign of XLCUS from 1994-1997, featuring the best of the best from their old C64 demos, games, intros and dentros. For the first time ever, hear how the tunes were actually meant to sound on a real C64, as the composer intended them to. Chemical Rock has been studio recorded using the latest digital equipment, from the original Commodore C64 computer they were created on, and sounds absolutely fantastic. Don't take our word for it, just go ahead and download it now! - Yes it really truly is absolutely free to download.

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Download Files:

Chemical Rock MP3 Album - 74 MB
Chemical Rock CD Covers - 591 KB
Chemical Rock Ringtones (MP3 Format) - 6.6 MB

Chemical Rock album cover

The covers can be printed and used to build an official looking CD version of the album. The ringtones are simply short 30 second MP3's of the authors favourite tunes from the album.